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Australia Debt Collect Pty Ltd ABN 45 113 508 928 (“ADC”) is an Australian company, with its head office in Sydney.

ADC has been assisting its clients to collect their debts for over 25 years with the same management team in place, from its inception.

ADC and its clients are supported by a Sydney based law firm that specializes in business and commercial advise and commercial litigation Australia wide and has done so for over 35 years.

ADC constantly communicate with its clients about their collection informing about time frames, costs and anticipate results allowing ADC clients complete control of their collections, giving the ADC clients the tools to make quality commercial decisions.

ADC tells you what it will cost, what will happen in the collection and how long it will take.

ADC supported by the legal team will provide you with the tools to give you the best chance to collect a bad debt.